New Firmware 3.01 available in the Download section!!

With the ultimate firmware (3.01), XT-1 has an on-board Pre-Amp/Effects Menu which includes:

Preamp (based on Marshall JCM800)
Overdrive (based on Ibanez TS9)
Natural Reverb (by SIM1)
7 Cabinets (Impulse Responses)
Including 5 IR by Choptones,
3rd parties IR loadable via SIM1 Editor, up to 4096 length.
Tone Control (2 band EQ)

Click Here for the Video XT-1 New Firmware 3.0

You can easily set-up the effect chain of each Target Guitar directly from the pedal, and build your sound connecting it straight to the PA, to a powered speaker or to a sound card.