Overdrive, IR Cabinets, Reverb on your XT-1…The New Firmware 3.0 is coming soon!!!

The new update consists in having integrated into the pedal some effects, in particular on each bank (Target Guitar) you can add:

  • PreAmp Section
  • Overdrive (Based on TS9 model)
  • Reverb
  • Cabinets (Impulse Response). Some IR Cabs will be integrated, with the possibility to add 3rd part IR.
  • Tone Control Section

By holding the 3 switches at the same time the user will get into a sub menu with the opportunity to select and add these effects on each bank of the pedal, without the need to go through the Editor. A new Editor for PC/Mac will follow the launch of this great new 3.0 firmware, which turns XT-1 into a stand alone guitar pedal!