Tom Quayle: “This Pedal is Game Changing!” Demo/Review by Tom Quayle

XT-1: Guitar Tone Imprinting & Amp Modeling in One Pedal !!

Massimo Varini presents SIM1’s XT-1 Guitar Tone Imprinting & Amp Modeling

Giuio Carmassi: XT 1 Guitar Tone Imprinting Pedal (Demo for Clean and OD Tones)

Giulio Carmassi: XT-B Bass Tone Imprinting Pedal (Demo with Precision Bass)

Firmware 3.0: On Board PreAmp, Overdrive and More !!

Mario Guarini & The Double Bass Tone Imprinting with XT-B

Andrea Pistilli: The Tone Imprinting of a Classical Guitar !

Andrea Pistilli: The Tone Imprinting of his Acoustic Guitars !

XT-B Bass Tone Imprinting: Learn & Play Test with Mario Guarini

LUCA MANTOVANELLI testing XT-1: Guitar Tone Imprinting by SIM1 (Acoustic Part 2)

LUCA MANTOVANELLI testing XT-1 (Acoustic Sim with BRM Tech)

Tom Quayle testing SIM1-XT1@NAMM SHOW 2019!

XT-1 Guitar Tone Imprinting by SIM1: A/B tests by Gio Stefani

XT-1 Guitar Tone Imprinting: Loop Composition by Gio Stefani

Luca Mantovanelli testing XT-1, Guitar Tone Imprinting ! New Tones !

Luca Mantovanelli testing XT-1 Guitar Tone Imprinting !

Marco Fanton testing XT-1 Guitar Tone Imprinting, Telecaster A/B comparison test

Alessandro Barbetti (The GasTube): XT-1 Guitar Tone Imprinting Video

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