Acoustic Double Bass Emulation

Shape your Tone with XT-B

The XT-B Bass Tone Imprinting offers a huge scenario of Tones. Just connect your Axe to the pedal, run the Learning Procedure, and scroll among 30 pickup tones obtained by capturing the Tone of some of the best Bass Guitars available in the market.
There’s no need to do many adjustments, just select the Target Bass you wish, add some effects, and make your sound great!


The most iconic bass guitars in the world at your fingertips

XT-B comes with 30 preloaded sounds, obtained by capturing the pickup tones of 12 bass guitars among the best ones in the world. You can perfectly reproduce their sound with your current bass.

Musica Man Axis

Jazz Adam Clayton

Fender Stratocaster

Gibson Thunderbird

 Fender Mustang

Fender Jazz ’64

 Martin D35

MusicMan Stingray

 Martin D35

Precision Am. Pro

Benedetto ‘Bambino’ Archtop

Precision ’58

PRS Santana


Gibson 175

Gibson SG

Gibson SG 1974

Double Bass NS

Gibson J200

Hofner Violin

Gibson LesPaul

Acoustic Bass

Gibson LesPaul

Double Bass Acoustic

Musica Man Axis
Musica Man Axis
Musica Man Axis
Musica Man Axis
Musica Man Axis
Musica Man Axis

On-Board Options

Overdrive, based on Ibanez TS9
A Tube Screamer designed to give your tone some warmth, crunch and gain.

Cabinets Impulse Responses
Up to 4096 length, 7 presets, 3rd parties IR loadable via SIM1 Editor

Acoustic Simulation
Unparalleled realism from your electric bass, thanks to Body Resonance Modeling (BRM) technology.


Wi-Fi Connection
Edit your configuration in Real Time through the Manager for PC/Mac.

Natural Reverb, by SIM1

Tone Control

Midi compatible via MIDI/USB adapter (optional)

Made in Italy

Learn & Play the Tone of your favourite Bass Guitars

The Learning Procedure allows to store a Source Bass Tone inside the Pedal, and each Target Bass/Pickup will be automatically shaped around it. Each Source Bass Tone, captured by XT-B, can be transformed into a Target Bass, by using the Editor for PC/Mac, and it can be even shared with other Users!
Along with your favourite Bass Guitar just bring XT-B with you, there’s no need to travel with more than one instrument!

Find out more about how XT-B works


Midi Program Change

XT-B can read Program-Change MIDI commands via the most popular MIDI-to-USB adapters, and to re-route program Changes as a midi-through feature.
Through the Editor you can even configure your XT-B as a Midi Master mini Pedal-board, to control other devices.

How XT-B works


Connect you bass to XT-B and configure your source bass in few minutes. Just play a chromatic scale, 9 notes per strings covering a relevant portion of the guitar extension range (Video tutorials available). All the bass guitar tones inside the pedal will be shaped around it. 


Choose your favorite bass guitars from XT-B pre-loaded sounds, or add new bass emulations, from the Store or from the Community, with the Editor for PC/Mac. Add the Overdrive, reverb, Cabinets simulation, and adjust volumes/tones. (Tutorials and support from the Company available).


Play with the sound of legendary bass guitars, like Fender Jazz 1964 or a Gibson SG. Then switch to a superb Acoustic Double Bass, to a Semi Acoustic like Hofner Violin or  why not, “just” use the sound of some of the bass guitars that you own.


Wi-Fi Real Time Editor

International Patents

XT-B is covered by patents: Italian ITMO2015A000080 American US15566356 and European EP20160719524


2 years warranty for XT-B

Best in show NAMM 2018

SIM1 was awarded as Best in Show at NAMM 2018, the world biggest exhibition for musical instruments, with more than 7000 brands!

XT-B Bass Tone Imprinting & Modeler

Your order will include:

  • 1 Pedal XT-B Bass Tone Imprinting & Modeler
  • 2.02 Firmware Version (includes: Ir Cabinets Emulator, Overdrive, Reverb, Tone Ctrl)
  • Real Time Editor 4.05 for PC/Mac (Downloadable from the website)
  • 12 Certified Bass Guitar Tones (30 banks/pickups)
  • Coupon to get 5 additional Guitar Sounds, from the SIM1 Sound Store
  • Power Supply Adapter (12V – 1A super noiseless)
  • MIDI Program Change compatible through MIDI/USB interface (not included)
  • USB Dongle Wi-Fi receiver, for Mac/PC connection and edit in Real Time
  • Guide and Video Tutorials
  • Two years warranty
  • 15 Days Money Back Guarantee (Check Terms and Conditions)

€ 599.00    € 499.00